Food Routes Listing Criteria


We vet our accommodation destinations and culinary experiences carefully before we feature them as a preferred destination of Food Routes:
Should your establishment meet most of the below criteria, please email us in order for us to visit your establishment

Required Criteria for accommodation destinations and culinary experiences

  • The culinary experience and standard of food at the destination restaurant must be of the highest    calibre.
  • Accommodation establishment must be 4 star premium/ 5-star or be known for 5-star service.
  • The destination restaurant must have an appointed head chef with his/her own unique style and food philosophy, which will be profiled on the website.                                                                                                                          
  • The accommodation establishment and the restaurant/s at the establishment must manifest a high-level of comfort, impeccable style and luxuriant tasteful décor.
  • Exceptional service from all staff and front of house managers is key.
  • Locations in South Africa which are unique, cultural, influential and inspirational.
  • Gardens/grounds and buildings must be well-kept and maintained.
  • Samples or current/seasonal menu for website with some pictures of the cuisines being offered.
  • Food-focused events, festivals, activities and product purveyors must offer experiences and products of premium quality and presentation.
  • Culinary Experiences must be unique, authentic and known for good service.
  • The experience and execution of each culinary offering must be of the highest calibre.