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How to Taste Grappa-Styled Spirits & Eaux-de-Vie - CLICK HERE TO READ OUR BLOG

wine-glas-icon  Use a small tulip shaped glass. A small wine tasting glass works well.
wine-glas-icon  Taste no more than 4 to 6 samples per tasting session.
wine-glas-icon  Always smell before you taste. And DO NOT swirl the glass. You do not want to release the volatiles all at once. This can overwhelm the nose.
wine-glas-icon  Slowly move the glass close to your nostrils. Inhale softly as you move your nose gently into the glass. Again you do not want the alcohol to overtake your sense of smell.
wine-glas-icon  Note if the aromatic characteristics of the grape varietal are in the glass. In the case of eaux-de-vie do the aromatics reveal the floral notes of the fruit? Take time to enjoy and become acquainted with the aromas you discover in each glass.
wine-glas-icon  After performing the steps above on the spirit in each glass, proceed to taste. Again, do not swirl the spirit in your mouth as you would with wine. Just swallow it. A well-crafted grappa-styled spirit’s and many eaux-de-vie’s taste should linger for at least 30 seconds.
wine-glas-icon  Place a touch of spirit on your lips and swallow. Do not swirl in the mouth. The alcohol will overtake your taste.
wine-glas-icon  Perfect food pairings are chocolate cakes and pastry desserts with cream or whipped cream. Aged grappa-styled spirits can also be paired with seasoned cheeses.