Food Routes Philosophy and Food Forensics (CSI)

At Food Routes we are on a quest to be the best. A main objective at Food Routes is to constantly strive to understand our customers – both the travellers and the destinations. So well in fact, that our service is crafted to be a perfect fit between the two. We believe in the importance of genuine hospitality. As defined, hospitality is the friendly reception and treatment of guests and strangers. Here at Food Routes, we aim to go a step beyond and ensure that from the moment you enter the Food Routes portal you are no longer a stranger but a friend in the making. Our mission is to ensure a perfect match between you, the diner and your degustatory destination.

To help achieve this goal, Food Routes is implementing innovative concepts that have emerged from new research in the world of food travel. One finding has shown that often the reason behind a failed and disappointing culinary experience is the lack of knowledge as to the preferences and expectations of the diner and making certain that the destination’s culinary concept and execution is a good match for that diner.  Think of the proverbial “bad blind date” experience. Neither party knows what to expect – a recipe for disaster.

Food Routes has taken heed of this research and adapted it to create our own food forensic tool called Culinary Sensibility Identities (CSI). CSI is an evaluation process in which the culinary traveller and potential destinations can define their own unique culinary personality profiles. The Food Routes traveller and the Food Routes destinations can then utilize this information to ensure the most enjoyable and successful food tourism experiences between both parties.

Discovering your CSI profile is easy. You will find 12 distinct CSI profiles listed. Pick 3 of the CSI profiles that best describe your approach to food and its enjoyment. List them in the order of 1 to 3 with 1 being your top descriptor. You may also choose 2 to 3 more CSI profiles if you’d like. These will be the “minor” or “secondary” aspects of your CSI profile.

Next, compare your main choices with the CSI profiles of the Food Routes destinations. How simple is that! You can use your “minor” CSI profile to broaden your search and discover additional destination offerings that tweak your interest and that you may have missed seeing as an opportunity for a new food adventure.
The Food Routes team is in the process of assessing the CSI’s of all the Food Routes destinations. So stay tuned for this innovative and invaluable tool to be available online soon!

CSI Profiles


Whether describing a foodie, chef or dining establishment, a Daredevil is a thrill-seeker when it comes to food. Picky eaters move out of the way! Not only does a Daredevil crave new taste experiences, but embraces them. You possess a “when in Rome” attitude towards a culture’s culinary oddities when offered them. New tastes and textures in foods are definite turn-ons.  
Let’s place gourmet back into its proper context.  In the nomenclature of terms of food lovers, it doesn’t have to be viewed as the “snobbish” definition. But perhaps should be viewed as a person or food style endowed with an erudite bent. Where food and its enjoyment is viewed as an art form at work – in the selection of quality ingredients, preparation techniques and presentation skills – along with an insatiable desire for the knowledge of and the history behind food and wine.  Here, there are certain standards to be met in order to merit the gourmet classification…White linen dining, certified chef at the helm and attention to defined well-executed protocols expected in this gastronomic genre. 
No, you are not less than a gourmet, just different. The passion for food plays out in varied, less structured and delineated parameters. It’s more of an egalitarian outlook on the world of food, a more personalized self-expression of what food rocks your world….be it molecular gastronomy to homemade comfort food…haute cuisine to hotdogs. 
Daring dining! A no holds barred approach to the creation and enjoyment of contemporary, cutting edge culinary experiences. A veritable Star Trek Taste Trip – to boldly go where no mouth has gone before! 
Not only does the food manifest a sense of place, but time, history, culture as well. The food imprints a cultural heritage and injects the DNA of the destination into your being. Whenever you encounter those tastes and smells again, you’ll be transported back to the place where you first experienced their allure. 
A localist is a lover of food that’s enjoyed close to its source.  Locavores are interested in not only partaking in the foods of the region but learning about and meeting the producers as well. Whether a food traveller or a dining destination, your mantra is local is more than about consumption– it is about community. 
A penchant and passion for all plant-based foods sown and green grown. 
Food that is simply - pure. 
The world is your oyster when it comes to food. As a diner your mantra is “Variety is the spice of life!” As a dining establishment you are a devotee of diversity in your offerings – a culinary kaleidoscope of foods. 
You desire a dining destination, a food experience that provides and promotes a socially vibrant scene.  It’s as much about the people as what is on the plate. 
Au courant, up-to-the minute, voguish culinary offering…think cocktail lounge, artisanal pub, tapas bar! 
It’s all about the stage sets the scene here. Whether it is haute-cuisine or traditional dishes, the food and ambiance form a synergistic alliance between place and taste.